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Payroll is easy, right? That’s what we hear all the time – until it’s not. Payroll has a set of unique rules and regulations that is difficult to navigate, especially since legislation is constantly changing.

Misclassifying employees as contractors, not knowing how to calculate garnishments, and misunderstanding overtime rules are just a few examples of how not knowing the rules can cost your company thousands of dollars in penalties. 

Make sure the IRS isn’t knocking on your door.

We are the experts in the payroll and tax industry so our clients can remain the expert in theirs.

Who We Are

Payroll and Tax Experts

We’re not just accountants who process your payroll, we make your business our priority. We take the time to learn your business nuances so we can serve you with the right solutions.

You Have a Choice

Learn About the Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

One in three employers have been penalized for payroll errors, resulting in the IRS issuing $4.5 billion in penalties related to employment taxes.

Download this FREE eBook now to find out 6 benefits of outsourcing payroll that you never thought of before.

You Have a Choice

Learn How To Set Up Your S-Corp Payroll

One of the stand out features of the S-Corporation is the ability to allocate profits as distributions, thereby, lowering the shareholders self-employment tax.

Download this FREE ebook to learn specific strategies and steps you can take to maximize your tax savings and take advantage of benefits and deductions as an S-Corp shareholder.

Our services

How We Can Help

Payroll and Tax Compliance

Whether you’re paying just yourself, or hundreds, we’re here to help and it seamlessly integrates with our Time and Attendance Tracking. PPS calculates, file and pays federal, state and local taxes. It’s payday your way.

GPS and Job Tracking

Get detailed reports showing the cost for employees working on each job every pay period to make business decisions based on facts. You can also ensure your distributed labor force is clocking in at the correct location.

Time and Attendance

A simple and effective way to record time punches regardless of the environment or industry. Choose from web-based, a mobile app, texting and hardware to collect your employees clock ins and outs.

Online Payroll Reporting

Go completely paperless with our employee portal designed to give employees access to view pay stubs and W2’s. Employers will have access to our employer portal that houses all payroll reports and filed tax forms.


What Our Clients Say

We don’t mean to brag but, these business owners think we’re pretty awesome

"By having PPS process payroll, we were able to heighten our quality control. PPS questions data that appears inconsistent or incorrect. They are very responsive."
Perry Hale
Executive Director, PCBDD
"…we are now able to concentrate on what we do best with a sense of security that we are compliant…"
Eric Warren
Owner, Main Street Signs
"…You will not regret the decision to work with such an amazing group of people…"
Nicolle Richardet
Administrative Assistant, CDR
"...PPS has saved me so much time and corrected the mistakes I was making. I'm still digging out of the projects that stacked up while I was doing payroll."
Wendy Cooper
Office Manager, Dental Fitness Center
"...Along with payroll, I like the time & attendance system. It frees me up to work on my business rather than spending time tracking vacation & time manually..."
Chris Horrell
Owner, Bug Zero
"...Simplicity, accuracy & freedom! I love knowing a professional is doing my payroll & I'm able to focus on being a real estate expert..."
Brandy Balsman
Broker-Associate, Re/Max Realty Experts

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients

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